Hi everyone! Welcome to my page!

This is all new to me, so forgive me if it’s a little all over the place. Since this is my first blog post, I’ll use it mainly just to give you a little bit of information on myself.

My name is Elizabeth, although most people just call me Beth. Two years ago, I married my best friend and my high school sweetheart. Right now, we only have our little furbaby, who keeps us on our toes all the time. We currently lead a small group for Young Adults at our church, and we are loving it. Most of my free time is spent writing fictional novels, and baking.

I am a writer and an accountant (strange, I know). I am in the process of getting one of my books published. And let me tell you, its much easier than I first anticipated. And it happens so quickly, too! I never expected it to happen as quickly as it did.

I decided to name this blog “Creating Your Happily Ever After” because I want people to realize that you can create a happily ever after for yourself. It doesn’t mean that it’s with someone, and it doesn’t mean that it’s alone. You have to be happy with yourself, before you can be happy with anything that you have around you. I know this because it’s something I’ve fought with nearly every day. I’ve fought with trying to stay happy every day, no matter what the world throws at me. And sometimes, I fail. And sometimes, I succeed. I have dealt with depression throughout most of my life, and I feel that its a never-ending battle. Even if you’re no longer on medication, or going to a therapist, you’re still fighting. I believe that it carries with you all the time. You worry when it will spike again, when you’re no longer going to have the stamina to fight.

And that’s when you wonder how you can deal with whatever life is thrown at you. You wonder how you can manage to get the money to do this. You wonder how you can manage to get the grade to pass the class. You wonder how you can smile through the pain.

And yet…you do. God gives you the strength. God helps you to be able to get through it all. Maybe this strength is taken simply from yourself. Maybe its derived from the people around you. But no matter what, you manage to get through it all. You manage to fight the battle with depression, and win. Even if its just for that day.

My favorite bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This is what has gotten me through the difficult times. Any time I wonder how we’re going to survive the latest hurtle, I remember this: God doesn’t plan on you failing. He wants you to succeed, and to be happy.

I tend to be very impatient, and so when things don’t happen as quickly as I want them to, I begin to get anxious, and worry if I did something wrong. And then I read that verse, and I try to remember: God’s timing is perfect. My timing is not. And so even if I think that right now is the perfect time for something to happen, I realize that its not. God has a better time in mind, and His time is perfect. So I have to learn to let go of control and let God take over. This is something I struggle with every day.

So that’s it for this first post. This blog will be about my adventures in becoming a published author, my adventures in a new house, and my adventures in the kitchen. Hopefully I will be able to post any really good recipes that I find, and you can enjoy them as much as we do!

Love you all, and remember…you are never alone. Someone else in the world has gone through the same thing. Someone else knows exactly how you feel. You just have to be willing to ask for that help.


With love,



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